Eat May 3, 2023

Where to Eat in Calhoun County – Thumbsuckers in Oxford

Where to Eat in Calhoun County Alabama: Thumbsuckers Grill #Catering & #ToGo  

Located at 1405 Hamric Drive in Oxford, AL


We proudly serve the absolute best local farm to table – 100% family-raised grass fed beef from Miller Farms. Their cattle has been grown on the family farm in Delta, Alabama since 1870.

Raised using humane, sustainable farming practices free ranged on lush pastures during warmer months, and fed hay or pasture silage in colder months

Never shut in crowded, confined feedlots

All natural—no hormones, steroids or antibiotics

Never fed corn, grain or animal byproducts

Never irradiated

Thumbsuckers in Oxford, AL