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All About Lake Wedowee

In addition to enjoying the recreational activities offered by Lake Wedowee, there are several other things to do in and around the town of Wedowee, Alabama:

  1. Historic Downtown Wedowee: Explore the charming downtown area of Wedowee, where you can find locally-owned shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll and soak in the small-town atmosphere.
  2. Hiking and Nature Trails: Experience the natural beauty of the area by exploring hiking trails and nature preserves nearby. The Talladega National Forest is not far from Wedowee and offers numerous trails for hiking and wildlife viewing.
  3. Local Events and Festivals: Check out any local events or festivals happening in Wedowee during your visit. These events often showcase the community’s culture, arts, and traditions.
  4. Historical Sites: Learn about the history of the region by visiting historical sites and landmarks. The Randolph County Courthouse, built-in 1891, is an architectural gem worth seeing.
  5. Golfing: If you enjoy golfing, there are golf courses in the area where you can tee off and enjoy a round of golf amidst scenic surroundings.
  6. Antiquing: Explore antique shops and flea markets in Wedowee and nearby towns. You might find unique treasures and souvenirs to take home with you.
  7. Fishing and Hunting: Apart from Lake Wedowee, the surrounding area offers opportunities for fishing in other lakes, rivers, and streams. Hunting is also popular in the region during the appropriate seasons.
  8. Water Activities: Besides Lake Wedowee, there may be other waterways nearby suitable for kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding.
  9. Local Dining: Sample the local cuisine by dining at restaurants and eateries in Wedowee. You can enjoy Southern comfort food and regional specialties.
  10. Relaxation: Simply unwind and relax in the peaceful surroundings of Wedowee. Whether it’s taking in scenic views, enjoying a picnic in a park, or sitting by the lake, there are plenty of opportunities to recharge and rejuvenate.

These activities offer a variety of options for visitors to enjoy while exploring Wedowee and the surrounding area.

History of Wedowee:

Lake Wedowee, also known as the Harris Reservoir, is a man-made lake located in Randolph County, Alabama, United States. It was created in 1983 with the completion of the R.L. Harris Dam on the Tallapoosa River. The lake spans approximately 10,660 acres and has over 270 miles of shoreline, making it a popular destination for recreational activities such as fishing, boating, swimming, and camping.

The primary purpose of Lake Wedowee is flood control, hydroelectric power generation, and recreation. The dam that created the lake, R.L. Harris Dam, is managed by Alabama Power Company. The lake is named after the nearby town of Wedowee.

Fishing is one of the main attractions of Lake Wedowee. The lake is well-known for its abundance of largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, catfish, and striped bass. Anglers from all over visit the lake for its excellent fishing opportunities.

Boating is another popular activity on Lake Wedowee. There are several public boat ramps and marinas around the lake, providing easy access for boaters. Water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing are also common activities enjoyed by visitors to the lake.

In addition to water-based activities, Lake Wedowee offers opportunities for camping and hiking. Several campgrounds and parks are situated along the shoreline, providing amenities such as campsites, picnic areas, and hiking trails.

Overall, Lake Wedowee is a picturesque destination in Alabama, offering a wide range of outdoor recreational activities for visitors to enjoy amidst beautiful natural surroundings.