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Chief Ladiga Trail Extension

The Chief Ladiga Trail is a rail trail in Alabama that stretches for 33 miles from Anniston to the Alabama-Georgia state line. It is the state’s first rail trail project.


ANNISTON, AL — The City of Anniston warmly extends an invitation for you to join us in
making history on Friday, April 12, 2024, at 5:00 PM CT, as we commemorate the
groundbreaking ceremony for the Chief Ladiga Trail Extension at Michael Tucker Park,
situated at 6514 Weaver Road in Anniston, Alabama.

Anniston’s trail extension will stretch an additional 6.5 miles, bringing the Chief Ladiga Trail’s
total length to approximately 39.5 miles. The Chief Ladiga will then seamlessly connect
Anniston’s Multimodal Amtrak Station to the state of Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail, forming
the longest paved pedestrian pathway in the United States by becoming an expansive 105+/-
mile paved trail. This visionary initiative opens up exciting prospects for trail bike enthusiasts
and commuters, providing seamless access to convenient train services.

At this time, city leadership would like the public to know that access to the trail will be
restricted until the project is completed. It is estimated that the trail extension will take 14
months to complete, with a projected completion date in Summer 2025. Periodic construction
updates will be provided to the public as the project progresses.

About the Project:
The Chief Ladiga Trail stands as Alabama’s inaugural
extended rails-to-trails endeavor, interlinking the cities
of Anniston, Weaver, Jacksonville, and Piedmont as it
traverses Calhoun and Cleburne Counties. Offering a
safe, motor-free avenue for travel, exercise, and leisure
amidst the great outdoors, this trail showcases a scenic
journey through streams, wetlands, forests, and
mountains, catering to families and outdoor enthusiasts

Research from Jacksonville State University’s Center for
Economic Development and Business Research
anticipates that the trail’s construction will stimulate an
economic output of $11.9 million. Upon completion, the
center estimates an annual economic impact exceeding
$1.3 million, based on the trail’s substantial visitation
rate of over 34,000 visitors in 2023.

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