Real Estate is Personal

Public Relations Matters.


Building Relationships:

Building relationships with buyers, sellers, other real estate professionals, local businesses, and community members is crucial for maintaining a positive image and fostering goodwill.


Effective Communication:

I'm a call or text away - whatever you feel comfortable with!  I communicate effectively with clients, addressing any concerns, answering questions, and keeping all involved informed throughout the buying or selling process.


Brand Representation:

Partnering with ERA King Real Estate involves embodying the values and image of the agency I work for.  High on the list of values is consistent training to be the BEST advocate for our clients we can be.  Cheesy, yes.  But true.

As a professional REALTOR, I am consistently in real estate training classes staying ahead of not only what is happening nationally, but most important, in our local market.


Community Engagement:

I am highly involved and in the know of what is happening #inourbackyard.  My family lives, works and plays here.  It's important I'm apart of what's around me and am doing the right things,for the right reasons.


Social Media Management:

Of course, in today's digital age, social media plays a crucial role in public relations. I manage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to showcase properties, share industry insights, and engage with target audiences.


Monthly newsletters, weekly Neighborhood News reports are just a few of the ways I stay in contact "mail" wise.